Rivulets of colder climes run down the glass to tickle my fingers. I watch on twisting my arm this way and that as the sunset catches the glass with final bursts of summer. A sip, then I lick my lips. I see nothing beyond the colours running down my throat, taste nothing but memories. This […]

50 Word Stories: Loose

A loose pile of heaped leaves, we tumbled at the first sign of a breeze. We blew across borders, flew across streams, fell by the wayside, were made crisp by the sun. Without thought or clear pattern, we existed in unseen updrafts. Without worries or concerns, we just crinkled together.

50 Word Stories: The Rainbow Basher

 "I hate rainbows, they're miserable." "No they're not, they're beautiful. All those colours filling the sky makes the world seem better." "If you like multicoloured frowns. I don't. I want to see it upturned and beaming." "If it could would you shut up moaning?" "Yes." "Stand on your head then."

Genre Writing For You

Genre Writing For You The Joy of Words Author’s Note: This is my latest post on Medium. Please feel free to click the link and join me there. Today, my wife showed me a video clip of a Jack Russell terrier playing with a balloon. The little fellow jumped up and down in sheer unadulterated […]