Happily Mad

I’m partially unhinged
 Though you might call it odd
 Driving on three wheels
 Cool, but never mod
 A slightly different viewpoint
 Askew, but not astray
 I’m happy in my madness
 Each and everyday
 Joyfully untarnished
 By all that is this life
 A good job that I found me
 An equally crazy wife

 Disclaimer: if my wife should read the last two lines it is of a composite character made from various wives.


Summer Days

Written to cheer my good friend Jade up. The contents are her favourites (No smart comments LOL)

 Sitting by the river,
 Sunshine on my back,
 Brought a little pack-up,
 Chocolate and a snack.
 Watching all the yachts,
 Sails gleaming bright,
 Glad I’ve got my shades
 Because of golden light.
 Children play behind me
 In the lush, green grass,
 I like their constant laughter,
 Shame they grow so fast.
 Peeping over glasses
 At the hunky guys,
 I wish I had a cocktail
 As then I’d meet their eyes.
 A perfect summer sunday
 When I can smile and play,
 I wish that it was like this
 Every single day.

 (Image courtesy Ms Kat on Flickr Creative Commons)

Love Found Me

 Love is a compass
 That points you to me
 A fatal attraction
 By Northern degree
 Love is a magnet
 That pulled us together
 Opposable natures
 Whatever the weather
 Love is a radar
 That found where I hid
 I’ll never escape you
 You’ve upturned my lid
 Love is an atlas
 With my heart mapped out
 You can follow the pages
 Of that I’ve no doubt
 Love is a satellite
 That you’ve locked on me
 I’m happy it orbits
 I don’t want to be free

 (Image courtesy ethlinne on deviantart.com)

HOORAY!!!!!! Awards

I was nominated for some awards by the fabulous Patty at http://petitemagique.wordpress.com Please check her page out as soon as you can, it really is brilliant. Don’t make me have to track you down because I will if you’re within walking distance, or maybe the bus. Either way, thanks to amazing WordPress people like Patty I have friends all over the world, so you’re bound to be within walking distance of one of them 🙂

Excellence award




Once again thanks, Patty. You’re an angel.



The sea laps at my bare feet
The sun beats down on my brow
The world turns
I remain transfixed

The universe is enormous
Made up of spinning galaxies
A multiplicity of uncharted worlds
Nebulas of vermillion, topaz and jade
Holes of monstrous blackness
And stars of such variety as to perplex
All set amidst an ocean of perpetual vastness
It is unparalleled in size and majesty
It is a miracle
It is amazing

I like to look upon the surf
With the sea spray brushing my skin
And the shushing heartbeat of the Earth in my ears
I’ll take my ocean anytime
Everyone else can share the rest


Life image

Melancholy moments
Butterflies in a breeze
A pond freezing over
Scrapes to children’s knees
A smile from a stranger
New England in the Fall
Standing on a mountain
Ivy on a wall
Nights of endless loving
Days of smiles and winks
Humble at God’s glory
Things that make you think
Memories to cherish
Memories of strife
Every second special
Be happy with this life