Silent killer,

The word that nips and chafes,

Bullies and cajoles.

To be blessed with a mouth

Spouting trash

And believing it.

Wouldn’t it be divine to be so self-assured.

In this world,

This bizarre time that rewards the loudest,

The talentless, 

The foul-mouthed few

There is no space for the uncertain.

Better to be a confident idiot

Than a quiet thinker.

Perhaps compromise is the order of the day?


No, I scream!

Do not pander to the lowest common denominator,

Those who epitomise all that is wrong with the world:

The reality celebrities;

The slothenly,

The violent on film.

Better to build,

Apply yourself 

And let others do the talking.

Never give up 

And never say die.

Because someday, somehow,

Someone might just put the confidence into you.

And then,

My shy friends,

You’ll shine.