It’s In The Falling

When we are young, the transition from a crawling baby to a scampering child does not come without disaster. There is a certain inevitability about the fact we shall and do fall many times. And, that after it being witnessed by our parents once or twice, it will no longer hold the same fear. There […]

In The Light of Thieves

In The Light of Thieves An unmistakable presence in the room, lingering without revealing, observing through unopened eyes, the ghost of the season watches all. He sways in a draught like a reed by a river as fluid as the moonrise and gentle as a warm summer night; but it is not summer, not now. […]

Never Give up/Never Give In

  Lessons learned in dust and dirt  A life of waste cannot convert  Yet, whilst the heart that beats till death  And mind abused has sense still left   Then abandoned dreams is not a choice  For deep inside, I still have voice   To right the wrongs of yesteryear  And never give up, or in to fear

A Touch of Purple

 There you were A weed amongst  The greenery, A survivor, A touch of purple On an ordinary day. You and your lady Striving to live, Nestled in obscurity, Innocuous, yet perfect. Living lives As a touch of purple, Don’t we all?