African Ghosts

The drought from hell. That’s what they called it. So many people, so much hardship, and the sun never once let up. It was a westerner who had the idea when he saw children covered in flies playing in baked mud. Provide them with netting! he’d declared. That should help. He was good to his […]

Distant Friends

Authors note: Dedicated to a distant friend. A distant friend Is like a silhouette  Intangible, yet there. A constant companion When the world blazes  Too bright, Their dark stanchions Supportive, They aid in silence No payment required. And when the Fall comes, Winter after, They lie within the wan light Biding their time Waiting to […]

No Help Required

Defensive, offensive She spat out the words No aid required As if I’d not heard Rejected, dejected I’d just tried to help No doormat was I No useless young whelp Imploring, ignoring Whilst she on her knees Why are folk so crazy What mad worlds are these Depleted, defeated I just walked away That nasty […]

Listening To The Rain

Children weeping I hear them in my dreams Monsoon tears falling So sad So mad Where are the hands To reach To teach The listeners And the carers To clear away the slums Where is the betterment The hope of a blue sky Where are the voices That choose to go unheard Where is expectation […]


 Peephole in the sky Are you watching? Do you judge this… I can’t say it! Do you listen ear to the cloud Searching for ragged breaths… Yes, that’s me. Do you swirl in puzzlement, Scooping away the rain, Slapping at the darkness, Striving to keep a little bit of clarity, A little glimpse of hope? I need that light, At least, I think so! But, I sense the storm […]