“I remember my grandad today more than most. He touches me on the shoulder with a reassuring chill like he used to before the winter took him. His voice asks if the war is over. I tell him it is. He sighs at my lie. I suspect he knows the truth.”

I Saw Her on a Sunday

I Saw Her on a Sunday Monday The rain came in monsoon bursts of longing and cold. The card shoved through my letterbox said, Meet me at the park on Monday morning. Don’t be late. The card smelled of cinnamon and spice, exotic and enticing, a world away from the city gloom. I went, although […]


They say every city looks the same, every wall, every window, every face. That in this thing we call life, there is no such certainty as being alone in an ocean of your own kind, flailing as you duck beneath the surface one last time, trying to breathe when the city sucks the air straight […]

Hope Is Half of Hopeless

Tis a solitary confinement this existence I lead, where the light of day goes unseen, dusk and dawn forming an intangible prison, a clock. To live within a time span is inhuman, when one should range amongst forever. I shall think on this. I do a lot of thinking. To be expelled in favour of […]

50 Word Stories: Oiled

I dream in shades from white to black, colourless, sharp. I forget when God took my bright mornings and cerulean skies, my vanilla and saffron dreams. Was it punishment to see this world in stark contrasts, or a blessing? I ask myself daily as the oil flows from these wrists.

50 Word Stories: Broken

Blank faces and deadened eyes, the expressions she was born to. What cost a smile? she grew to think. What price love? she’d muse. But as she pupated from babe to child to beauty unparalleled, she wondered these less. That was their biggest crime against her. They broke her questions.

50 Word Stories: Life in the Washer

Life churned like a washer stuck on spin revolving in endless circles and spitting out dirt. He wondered why, how and even if his fortunes would change. He’d staked so much on sparkling, you see. Fortunately, it did, the spin finished and everything shone brighter than before. Thank God.