The Space Between

The Space Between The space between Dark blue and black Differing shades of forever Where pointing fingers linger And eyes do blink The stuff of dreams gathering Like nocturnal memories No lights required Just open minds Stardust and magic Little parcels of eternity Destiny and hope Children praying for shooting stars Adults too Never has […]


 We climbed the same hill we had on our first date. Our friends had said it weird to spend our first few hours together sweating our way up a mountain, our little knapsacks bobbing up and down like ducks on our backs. We didn’t care, we were already in love. I remembered the stile […]

Of Sharks and Dreams

 Sooner or later we all wish for something unattainable. Perhaps it is a form of self-punishment, an endless agony to prove we still feel? Nevertheless, as we cling to the fairytale with the tenacity of sharks a seal carcass, our eyes wide, teeth bared, we still hope for more. The shark by its nature […]

Influences 4 – Nature

I have always been interested in nature. One of my very first memories was of receiving a book called A Naturalist’s Guide to Great Britain. I still have this book even though it was given on my seventh birthday. I used to peruse the pictures and then try to identify the same things when outdoors. […]


Is this it Is this life Take a job Take a wife Wiping eyes In starlight Shun the sun Love the night Is this all Is there more Am I dead On the floor Give me hope Give me love Give me signs From above And I’ll do All I can All I have Is […]

Bubbles of Us.

  The end of time; I had hoped for so much more. A myriad bubbles each a universe, or more, popped in and out of existence in a never ending stream of imperfection. Someone tried so hard to get one right, a perfect copy of the breath it was breathed from, but failed. They always […]

50 Word Stories: Lammergeier

How long I’d hoped to see you, Lammergeier. Some called you the bearded vulture, but I always thought it disparaging. You were better than that. You were my own personal, mountain dream. Now, you cower before me, bedraggled and caged. The rain wets your feathers. The rain wets my eyes.