50 Word Stories: The Eyrie

 We lived overlooking a valley of patchwork greens and threads of interlacing brown. Occasionally, creatures moved along these threads like ants over an anthill or fish through a muddied stream. I watched them as they often watched me. The bang one made confused, until I fell, my jigsaw view broken.

There Are

   There are eyes in the night, In those jungle depths, Burning vermillion Through a ruby wilderness. There are eyes in the night, In the fading crimson, Firesome rage Through luminescent streaks. There are eyes in the night, Full of ember madness, Deathly and dangerous, Through an unholy dream.


 There was a chill in the wood. Ice crept over and along the gnarled bark of the oak trees, creaking a slow passage. Acorns hung from glacial branches, glistening adornments to the wood’s mighty guardians.  The owl didn’t give a hoot.  Snow began to fall across the countryside. So delicately applied coating was it that even a […]