Notes from a Day of Writing Steampunk

Notes from a Day of Writing Steampunk There is an irrefutable beauty to dallying in the fog of Victorian London, even if it is an alternate one. I imagine myself drawn through a city in a horseless carriage, steam pumping from its pistons to merge with the grey, a flickering gaslight lighting the immediate space […]

Eureka Moments

A: “Let’s here it then.” B: “Prepare yourself, this is brilliant.” A: “I’m waiting.” B: “If I had a drum, I’d be rolling on it.” A: “I’m still waiting.” B: “Alright, alright, keep your socks on. I just wanted you to be the first to know.” A: “I’m hoping that one day I will.” B: […]

Cascade Overload

Cascade overload Crescendo of thoughts Trickling emotions Pouring down, incessant  Endless supply A never ceasing cavalry Of white horses Trampling mind Running me down Too much, too many Cascade overload 

Ornate Curls of Life

This was inspired by some wise words by my good friend MichelleMarie. Please check out her always inspirational blog.    To see life As only you can, Not predefined, Not part of the plan, But full of style, Curlicued swirls, An ocean of feeling, A field of whorls. To look past the rigid; To look past the fixed, And feel the colour, Sense how all is mixed. These […]