50 Word Stories: Indisputable

There was an indisputable truth to the fact he was an idiot. He could’ve denied it, couldn’t we all, but it would’ve availed him nothing. Some truths were irreconcilable and his was one. The man looked, acted and dressed the fool, thus was. That man in the mirror. That me.

Snowflake Hearts

Every snowflake’s different

Unique in frozen mould

And like the hearts within us

Too delicate to hold.

So beware the steamy season

When passions run so high,

As little hearts may burn up

And that would make us cry.

To get a temperate balance

We move to cove or bay

Where snowflakes often wander

But sea prevents them lay.

It’s there that we may prosper

Beside the chilly blue 

A safer place for snowflakes 

Like the hearts in me and you.

(Image courtesy Irkaaa on deviantart.com)

India’s Weeping

Quick explanation: I wrote this after a late night discussion with a fellow writer the wonderful Himani Rawat Nayal. She was worried India was losing its soul and identity in the modern world. She allowed me to publish my poem that her words inspired.

Indian Ocean
Warmer than here
Yet unhappy you sit
Sri Lanka your tear
Maybe the ocean
Stifles your heart
People of contrast
Tearing apart
Faith and beauty
To you should return
Far better than watching
Your history burn

(Image courtesy Google images)


Oh, crimson spectre of hate
I will not succumb to your nightmares
I am stronger now
No bloodshot eye, no taloned grip
No nightly evil shall attack me
Unravel before one who knows you
Disseminate into the evil whence you came
For you are not welcome
I do not need you to hunt me in the dark
I no longer seek your attentions
I no longer wish to see beneath the cowl
The darkest hours hold no fear for me anymore
For your crimson garb pales in hue
Before the cherry lips of my true love
Now she shall be the one I dream of
And you can haunt the dreams of another
My crimson assassin
My nebulous ghost
My past


(Image courtesy of daniellauglig on deviantart.com)


Cornelius was a polite little boy
He loved his parents with all his heart
Visited his grandparents every day
Cared for his pet Jack Russell as though it was human
He was even good at school
His teachers raved about how well he did
What a helpful schoolboy he was
How they wished every child was like him
“If the Earth was full of children like Cornelius
The world would be a better place”
They all would say
Cornelius’s outer facade confirmed all this
He was graceful, for a boy
Incredibly good natured, for a boy
Slim, for a boy
Had beautiful raven hair, for a boy
And that was why he waited everyday
Lurking at his bedroom window during all his spare time
He was scheming
He was planning
He was concocting
Cornelius was waiting for the stork he’d heard so much about
Waiting to pounce and give it what for
You see, Cornelius had been a mistake
He was not a boy at all
Not in his own mind, but a girl
And one day, when chance favoured him/her
He would make good his escape from his/her enforced world
Come back again, correct in the making
If he couldn’t capture his nemesis
Well, the nice Cornelius
Kind Cornelius
Gentle and clever Cornelius
Would get very, very angry indeed
He’d/she’d see what the world said about him/her then
They’d all see

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Fading Into You

I’m fading in sections
A piece at a time
I think that it started
When you said you’d be mine
I lost myself slowly
Merging to you
The old me’s departed
Replaced be a new
Identity stolen
No place for free will
I’m gradually unreeling
As I climb up this hill
I’m beginning to falter
Drifting apart
As I try to remember
Where I left my heart
Fading to darkness
From grey hue to black
I’m still fading forwards
As there’s no turning back

Image courtesy Google images