The Fear I Know

Author’s Note: This is my latest post on Medium. I hope you enjoy it and the message it’s supposed to convey.  Fear, an understated word. A topic for discussion when the nights are dark and the Small Ones still wait beneath the bed, fear manifests with relentless persistence. They’re here. I know, but they […]

50 Word Stories – Finite

"You mean infinite." "Why would you say that?" "Because everybody longs to live forever. The desire to be immortal is inbuilt. If a lifespan is finite, it has a definite ending. You can't mean that you wish for it all to end, to die?" "Yet, I do. Yet, I am."

City Nights

Streetlights make tangerine marshmallows of the drifting clouds, everything’s unusual, everything’s not right. A rat skitters by and doffs his cap. I don’t think it odd, but do think a deerstalker would suit it better. Is this madness, or just city life? I no longer know. The concrete twists beneath my feet, ragged hedgerows spewing […]


Dedicated to my father-in-law Hidden tumour, revealed Presses on brain Squeezes at eye In detection it resists Plum-sized abomination Skull cracked open And plum scooped out Ugly, spiteful, diseased fruit Now, held together by stitches and glue We joke, when we thought we should not A plum-sized fruit decays in a bottle Good riddance


Sorry at my absence, I’ve been feeling rather ill. It came down to a battle Of body against will. But I think the body’s beaten, And will has won the day. At least, that’s what I’m hoping, As I want to go and play. My head was down the toilet. The rest I’m not sure […]

In Voice: Tenderest Farewell

  “I’ll never leave you.” “You’ll have to.” “I won’t let it win!” “We both know it will.” “They could be wrong?” “They aren’t.” “How can you be so calm?” “I’m ready to go. I’ve made my peace. Now you must, too.” “Never!” “You’ll have to, my love, because I want you to leave me now, and don’t look back.” “No, it can’t be now, not […]

The Doll

We found her dressed in laces and frills, Her porcelain face painted to excess. He had crafted her a bonnet of lace And roses for her dress. But his intent lay in her exposed thighs, The shortness of her skirt. Finest pearls graced her polished neck, Only the best for his would-be daughter. She was […]