Blue The world is blue. Although life can be defined by the colours in which we parade, the earth itself lies resplendent under an emerald green jacket. For most people, a copse of trees or lush meadow define the idyllic. But not all. For some, those identifiable dreamers, blue is the colour they aspire to […]


Exempt It was not that I was exempt from fear. No, it was not this at all. Neither was it that fear had such a hold as to addle my mind, to disturb and disrupt. Not one bit. I had faced my fears and throttled them. Now, as I stood before the Devil, it was […]

Just A Feeling

Just A Feeling It’s just a feeling, a tingling in the toes. I pull them back and wriggle them around but the tingling remains. Very odd? I decide to go for a walk marching around the neighbourhood like a demented crow all stiff-legged, feet pointing. After a mile, I think my strange sensations gone. They […]


Through necessity is determination found In direst need where once thought not We circulate the impossible  And attain that which was less than probable What appeared beyond us now in reach The horizon attainable The dreams we sheltered like precious seeds Brought to fruition through flesh and steel When life said no, we said yes […]

The Pencil

They labelled me an unnecessary expense, a price too far. I argued my case, fought my corner, but ultimately lost. Half a life gone, and all I had left was a well-bitten pencil. I swore that day to rebuild. That pencil became my symbol, my Phoenix from the flames. I drew and planned, planned and […]

A Short Post on the Human Spirit

Author's Note: Every word is true. My wife, sister and I visited my ninety-five-year-old Nanna this week. No big deal, you might say. For us, it was. We don't own a car, and my sister doesn't drive. So, we borrowed a family vehicle, collected my sister, who lives forty miles away, and then drove the […]