50 Word Stories: A Devil of a Deal

I promised him everything; it wasn't enough. Fifty years of saving, collecting, consuming without practical purpose, wasted. There at the end of all things, as my tongue withered and eyes crisped, the devil wouldn't even sell me some water. Maybe that was my torment? Maybe he just wanted a laugh?

50 Word Stories: The Catch

We always said we'd be there to catch each other. You do when you're young and in love. We were so convinced, so sure of our commitment that when we fell, it came as a genuine shock. Well, maybe less so for me. I had my hands behind my back.

Something to Ponder

Author's Note: Something a little different today that got me thinking. Whilst hitching a ride to the coffee shop with my wife, we turned into the shopping park where it's located and saw something highly unusual. I always keep an eye out for wildlife, I love nature, and spotted a bird I'd never before seen […]

50 Word Stories: Night Flights

When I can't sleep, I like to fly. That's right, I said fly. I stretch my legs, sticking my toes out from under the duvet, reach out my arms like wings, and pretend to be a plane. My wife's my co-pilot. She provides the engine noises. Every single night!


She was a dream within a dream within a dream, a perfect moment tied up in a red silk bow. Her cinnamon skin captured the sunset and promised the stars, her lips the pouting tide, her eyes eternity. She was the closest thing to heaven I’d ever seen or ever wanted. Caramel, I called her, […]

50 Word Stories: Shades of Yellow

´┐╝ It fell as a jaundiced cloud. An almost solid mush of marshmallow puce, the smog, fog or whatever it was heaved for five days enveloping the land. When it lifted, the sun beaming golden rays, I swore I'd never take yellow for granted again. The next day, it rained. Typical!

50 Word Stories: Happiness Reigns

Smiles were hard to find. No sooner did the wrinkles at the sides of our eyes twitch, lips curl, the sadness would take hold and drag them back towards the ground. How did we cope! you shout. Simple, we all stood on our heads. We’re happy now until it rains.

50 Word Stories: Sparkling 

“Follow the trail I leave in the stars,” she whispered. “I’ll glow like fireflies, shine like neon in a midnight city. I’ll do all this and more. Just follow, my love. Just follow.” She vanished in a cloud of brimstone and sparkling eyes.I couldn’t follow, though, it was cloudy.

Of Mice and Guns

The mice thought they had me cornered. They did. But not in the way they hoped. I watched as whiskers twitched and beady eyes squinted; I’d never seen a mouse squint having always kept my distance. They stood there like six-inch tall gods in their genderless, purple uniforms. I hated them, all dapper in their […]