Six Word Stories: Isolation

Stranded on a pinhead arms flailing.

The Winter Lovers

Beneath a snowcapped mountain high

Where raven’s called and angel’s cried

Secured in isolated depth

As every snowflake held their breath

A cabin, they had made their home

Although, to you, a winter dome

Wherein it roared an open fire

Two lovers, they did so perspire

The world was theirs in perfect heat

As coals did crackle at their feet

Without a care beyond their lips

Entwined they were joined at the hips

Stayed locked away all winter long

In love resided their sweet song

Till spring did come and roads did clear

The winter lovers fled in fear

To find another Christmas place

Where all they’d do was kiss, embrace

And celebrate in endless bliss

Those long midnights, no summer miss

Their coldest cycle made from heat

Again, again until replete 



Catapulted into a hazel-eyed vision,

Thrust into something:

What a something!

Head fried,

Brain frazzled,

Thoughts gathered in red wine clouds.

Everything’s a little bit off.

Everything’s a little bit weird.

The car door won’t open and I can’t get out,

Won’t get out,

Because I’m trapped in with you.

The world’s gone to hell

And I’m winding up the windows.

I’ve crashed,

And how!