In Silhouette

And though the world be silhouette, the definition of thy lines holds more power than any vibrant memory. In each stroke I remember, each molecule of ink I feel. This is no random symmetry, no desperate thought reformed, but all I was and am and wish. Brush strokes on a canvas to you and she […]

Influences 1

Author’s Note: Today, I’m introducing a new section to my blog. I’m hoping people will find it interesting to read what has and still does influence my writing, as I’m pretty sure most of it will surprise you. A little background: I have eclectic tastes in both literature and art. I like what I like. […]

Amaya (Shadorma)

I hear you But no longer see Amaya The night rain Listening to your heartbeat  In the midnight still (Author’s note: the name Amaya means ‘night rain’ in Japanese. I think it’s one of the most beautiful names I’ve ever heard.)

50 Word Stories: Neon And Nature

Bamboo tic-tacs in the breeze, a million drum sticks in nature’s hands. The sun rises in molten gold never seeming to quite reach the sky. This land is so beautiful. I’m living in a zen moment. I am home. Vivid neon lights spell Japan. I turn to leave.


It was not her eyes, Raven-black and glinting; No it was not they. It was not the piled silks of her hair; Nor even the exquisite trappings of her status, For she was Geisha, One of the forbidden ones, Those of powder and pomade. Not even the look, glance, demure raising of lashes That enraptured, […]

Midori (Finale)

She fell from my mind like cherry blossom, A colourful confetti Too delicate to touch, A memory so beautiful  As to be imagined. I had to sever my link with the land of the rising sun. I fled Japan in the winter, Koi kissing the underside of the ice in our pond. I didn’t look […]