Hitching A Ride With Turtles

Hitching A Ride With Turtles The sea foam flecked from the breakers like ballerinas leaving the ocean for a dance on the sands. Odd really, that they should be travelling in the opposite direction to me. I’d planned and better planned, then planned some more, but once one is faced with the result of so […]

I feel the beat of life Pulling over serpentine roads The rush of down The labour of up Freewheeling between the strain And forgetting to take in the scenes One should never forget to take in the scenes They’re what fill out the time

50 Word Stories: The Path

Golden light cut a gleaming swathe through the woodland, if ever there was a sign, a confirmation of choice, then this was it. There was only one way, in truth, there only ever had been. The path led into a bright tomorrow. “Good,” he said, “I always hated the dark.”