50 Word Stories – Misjudged

50 Word Stories – Misjudged She sashayed along the sidewalk with that uncommon grace only the sexually comfortable manifested. Judged perfect in form and feature, she effected all those who stared on open-mouthed and panting. In passing a homeless soul all her pockets contained, her true beauty required no such judgement. Neither ever should have. […]


 Her feet were tiny. Actually, that’s an overstatement, they were minuscule. She reminded me of a swallow on the wing, its little legs tucked up into its feathers, its claws going unnoticed. Where you and I might meander, she tottered. Where you and I might run, she staggered. To even balance in her children’s […]

In the Eyes of Others

Tomorrow never came No promise, no hope A stagnant pond of memories That wouldn’t form Yesterday never left No relief, no respite An ocean of regrets Circulating forever Today was best forgotten Not what I hoped Not what I’d prayed The minutes made hours Dreaming of the future Nightmares from the past Stuck in the […]

The Problem With Ronald

The problem with Ronald was everything. You told him to do something, he did the opposite. You asked for help, he’d fall asleep on the job. It wasn’t that he was bad or evil or any stereotypical resolution, he just couldn’t help himself. I often thought when God made him, he forgot one of his […]

Like The Seasons

 Cherry blossom petals torn from the tree, One epidermis shed in preparation for another, Stripped bare by cold, remorseless winds; This Spring made Winter in a mixed up morning. I see it all through watering eyes, alone, The sleek grass topped by sleet – a poor man’s dew – Grapples at my shoes, pulling […]

No More Tomorrows

Like falling feathers, they descended, those of golden light and purest white. Soundless, the heavenly host alighted on every surface: roofs; trees; paths; car bonnets, everywhere and on everything. We thought they’d come to save us, to escort us to that better place, at last. Instead, they took us in with those deep, sad eyes, […]


They said her name was Olop as in dollop, or troll… never mind, you get the idea, a Russian immigrant of some sort. She stood at the corner everyday and waited for one particular gentlemen to escort her into the city. He’d park his large, foreign car, take her arm and stride off like he […]


The white winged boy like an eagle did soar So high as to spy on those who’d abhorred Who’d mocked him, gestured and rattled there fists Despised and derided, their treatment amiss No malice he held though, his heart, so pure For flight was his balm, a view saintly cure But when an old woman […]

Reasonless Worry

To stand amongst such opulence, As a stain before the rain, A humble man, humbled. There is a sense of false spotlight upon me Within the fractured colours  Of Stained glass memories, Beacons seeking sin. Am I to be judged not decadent enough Before the gold and ruby splendour; Cowed beneath domes and filagree?  I cannot […]