Dark shadow of stealth

Eternity beckoning

Eyes of amber blink

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A Silent Hunting

Oh, most silent predator
How I covert your stealth
Masked by nature’s mantle
You hunt without effort
Whilst I lie huddled
A blot on the landscape
Waiting to feel
Warm breath on my neck
Make death quick I beg thee
For I could not bear
To disturb such tranquility

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A Lycan Night

Lycan Night image

Slowly, slowly, moving on
I follow the lead of my venting breath
A chill
The hairs on my neck stand on end
Every crack of twig
Every whoosh of wind
And every second is an eternity

Moon strays from behind cloud
Illuminating a darkling wood
A call. My blood freezes
I am frozen
I want to move
But only my ears seem to work
They are listening for what is to come

The call again
It is that of a broken soul
I empathise
I cannot run. I cannot look
Fear has taken me
I grip at the tree I cower behind
There is no reassurance in return

A low, deep, growl. Closing steps
Steaming, warm, breath
Drool on my neck
I close my eyes
And take my final breath
Death has found me