50 Word Stories: Scaredy-cats

A menacing exchange of glowering, slitted eyes, the two antagonists circled in soundless rage. Not for the faint-hearted, each appraised the other like Great White sharks in oceanic depths unwilling to fight unless necessary. Who'd blink first? Who'd rule the street? A hiss, a meow, and the ginger cat fled.

50 Word Stories-Never

Once upon a never in a distant land of black, sat a King upon a throne of bones wearing a flat cap. Every citizen that saw him be it Prince, or serf, or mice just couldn’t stop their gawping, but they never did it twice.

Hidden Magic


There is a place where orchids bloom
And faeries play beneath the moon
Narwhals swim up golden streams
A real place, not in my dreams
A realm of wonder, and silvered mists
Where imps and dryads share sweet kiss
And ogre stands at diamond gate
He knows we’re coming, so don’t be late
I’m going to take you by the hand
And lead you forth into this land
But don’t forget to close your eyes
For magic rules, tis no surprise
And if you’re lucky you may just see
King Oberon, for that is me

An Insouciant War

An Insouciant War
His eyes did not look, but gaze
His heart did not beat, but roll
His mind did not concern, but wander
I had no idea what he thought
Whether his proclivities were for or against
But I could not rest my eyes from his being
There was no regal manner to him
That was what made it so
He did not transmit superiority
Instead, he exuded it
Every atom of his being was elsewhere
I did not know if my idea good or bad
He barely even acknowledged my presence
But as he stood the world drew back
I marvelled at his splendour
He took my pen without looking at me
Signed my papers without so much as a cursory glance
Then languidly strolled from the chamber
A held breath was released in synchronicity
The assembly looking from one to another in disbelief
But it was this that made him our king
And we would follow him into hell
For now it was