The Kissing Curtains

Dripping pink passion

Delicate curtains wafting

Like parted Spring lips

50 Word Stories: Midnight Kisses

Midnight. We always met at midnight. Beneath the moon and stars beside the river. Always midnight. We’d kiss by the old bridge like kids, young again. Midnight magic, we called it. Every other hour led to those dark kisses. Every second. But midnight’s gone and I’m alone. I hate midnight.

Windswept Kisses

North wind: a kiss to make your lips blue, the zing of winter upon you, chilled bliss.

East wind: an infrequent visitor in shawls of grey, brisk and damp her kiss to each cheek.

West wind: ocean’s breath, her kiss the saline stuff of dreams, passionate and strong.

South wind: warm and enveloping, an oasis in the desert, smiling as the veil slips she takes your breath away.

A Fair Exchange

 In the cool embrace of a slow, southern night, she kissed me. Lit by fireflies too close to be shooting stars, I kissed her back. Bliss.
 The night swept by an eternal mirage until a tangerine sun whispered good day. Hours lost were future years in the finding. A fair exchange.

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Nordic Kisses

 A whisper,
 Barely imperceptible.
 It doesn’t need to be heard
 For I feel it in my heart.
 The fjord:
 Still, unmoved by time
 Captures the same image
 As it has for eons
 In glasslike surface,
 And I wonder
 If I submerge myself,
 Lose myself in those crystal depths,
 Will I see the same past
 I imagine?
 I lift my collar,
 Look over my shoulder
 To see the ocean beckoning.
 So much sea,
 So much world.
 I sense the pull of reality
 It frightens me.
 There is no way
 Other than away,
 The one way I do not wish to go.
 Perhaps the Gods hear me,
 Feel my pain,
 And that is why
 The North wind
 Kisses me goodbye?
 At least,
 I like to think so.

A Kiss for the Sleeping

 I send you kisses
 To sooth your sleep
 So with the sandman
 You shall keep
 In place where hope
 And only good
 Shall save your heart
 From dark-world wood
 To know in night
 Your soul will find
 The peace evading
 Your sweet mind
 So if you sense
 A gentlest kiss
 Upon your eyes
 I hope it’s bliss

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