This place of legends

Where breaths hang in the valley

Make mists of these dreams

Author’s Note: I took this picture near Skelwith in the English Lake District. Magical!

50 Word Stories: Wonderful Departures

The angled sunlight made mirrors of the water, the sky below as above. It was like sailing between worlds in neither one realm nor the other, a breath held. My small boat made passage as though on that final trip we all must take. If so, what a wonderful departure.

Author's Note: as almost all my pictures, this is from Pixabay due to no attribution being required. But I just had to say WOW!

50 Word Stories: Drowning in a Dark Nowhere

Hills undulated across the landscape like a verdant ocean topped by white clouds of froth and birds for fish. If Poseidon had taken Earth and made it his, this might’ve been his version of home. When the sun set, me left drowning in a dark nowhere, I knew it was.

50 Word Stories: Proof of Rain

She led me down the stairs, out of the kitchen door, and into the garden.

“You see, it’s rained,” she announced. “At last, it’s rained.”

“That doesn’t prove a thing.”

“Then, what does it prove, mister smarty-pants?”

“That the woods are weeping. That’s all.”