In layers of sediment are our pasts mapped out, body upon body, mind upon my mind. Within each nook and cranny lies a potential me, you, us to be discovered and diagnosed, mulled over and assumed. But I do not wish to be laid down so easily. I do not wish to be compacted into […]

Tic-Toc Grandfather Clock (Finale)

 Tic-toc goes the Grandfather Clock.  “They are yours to care for now, sir.”  I had made it to the attic almost completely thanks to Dunlop’s aid. He had pulled and tugged and beckoned me on until we stood before the old, padlocked door. The ticking that I had thought my own sole infirmity rang tenfold there. When […]

Tic-Toc Grandfather Clock (Part Three)

 Tic-toc goes the Grandfather Clock  I felt the change take hold over the period of just a few weeks. Dunlop said nothing of it. I sensed he’d seen it all before. He fed me when needed, and allowed me time to myself when not. The passage of days became marked by my…I can only say alterations.  My […]

Tic-Toc Grandfather Clock (Part Two)

Tic-Toc goes the Grandfather Clock.   I burnt my Grandfather’s body with the aid of Dunlop, his butler. The man did not bat an eyelid when seeing the construct whose employ he’d been under. Dunlop must have known from the start, but he would speak nothing of it. We watched the acrid smoke and white-hot flames […]


 Counting down the days Until I’m gone, It could be short, But it won’t seem long. You see: I fear I won’t amount To much either way, I just hope my words Will live to see the day. When people remember, My preference, a child, That something I’ve written Made them feel wild; Fantasy enthused For at least a short while, I think that I’d like that; I think I would […]


 Life, My sojourn  In a place, I’d rather Not have dreamt. Perhaps, That is my reason for writing, So that my real home, The one I reach for Through my keyboard, Is never Temporary? The dreams that flow from brain, To fingertips, To reality, Provide the berth, I so desperately need. Their flow is relentless, As is life, But in opposing view. Yes, temporary I may be, But my words shall remain, And with them […]

No Regrets

 I’m trying to listen   I’m trying to cope  But what good’s a life  In a world with no hope  Tears are falling   To join with the sea  With billions of others  Who feel just like me  Endlessly striving  That must be our creed  Just think to the children  And what we must leave  So when we’ve departed  And look back at blue  We needn’t point fingers   And […]