Aged by the Ocean

I took a breath as the whale dived beneath the churning ocean determined to hold it longer than him. Papa told me to stop being stupid when my face went red, then caved in and pretended to do so too. We sat in our little boat for almost an hour puffing our cheeks in and […]

Beetroot-Girl or The Right For Acceptance

A pretty little thing in an average sort of way, Beetroot-Girl roamed the corridors of school like a person on a mission but never quite sure what. She’d hang around the places the cool girls haunted, always on the periphery, never inside, but was just as at home chatting with nerds; she didn’t care what […]

** Beneath **

Loose soil and rock displaced by time Reveals the strength of one who spans the ages. Below the sight of men lies your true self, Medusa like roots your security and provider. Mineral, water and sun your silent cravings but Only the creaking of bowers an indication of growth. Yet in the variegated leaves that […]