This Scream Called Us (Rated 15)

They say a scream is a scream is a scream. Hurt is hurt. Pain is pain. That both subside with every unfulfilled second. They say many things. But what do they know? What do they really know? The mind is a curious container, delicate even. If the mind were glass, one might shatter it with […]

50 Word Stories: The Catch

We always said we'd be there to catch each other. You do when you're young and in love. We were so convinced, so sure of our commitment that when we fell, it came as a genuine shock. Well, maybe less so for me. I had my hands behind my back.

50 Word Stories: Breaking the Silence

 Life turned on a bedroom whisper. A lover's bed is a haven: warm; safe; a release from the trials of life. Darkness becomes a draped blanket, the intoxicating silence a balm. It was for me until that moment when we both lay exhausted and the name she breathed wasn't mine.

50 Word Stories: Words

 They say the eyes cannot lie. You can twist words, expound falsities, be economical with the truth all with varying degrees of success, but meet someone's eyes and all else falls away. When I met hers, my whole life fell away. Where were those words when I needed lies most?

In Disbelief 

In Disbelief Acerbic tongues sting this flesh  like a million tiny bee stings; the barbs embedded in my skin. I shake and quake with hidden fury, so very English, so polite, and rankle, and rile, and bite at the unforgiving pain of it all. Disbelief, I tell myself. It’s utter disbelief. But the cold hard […]


I noticed the line curling around the bottom of my index finger in fine red script one bitter winter’s morning. I recall how I surveyed it thinking it a mark; it wasn’t there yesterday, though. The harsh reality, it was something altogether more sinister. I followed the filament across my palm, then up my arm […]

50 Word Stories: Lily

Not a footprint in the snow, nor any impression of life, the girl, milk-white hair billowing; there was no breeze, smiled the saddest smile I’d ever seen. She whispered, “Are you my brother? Have you come to save me?” “Yes,” I lied, my heart near frozen. “Yes, Lily.”

Glass Hearts / Blue Lipstick

“I have a glass heart,” she said. “It’s fragile.” Of course, I thought she spoke figuratively, who wouldn’t? But it didn’t matter, I was a good man, an honest man. But aren’t we all until proven wrong. — I heard the crack as of dropped crystal before I even stepped on the porch. When I […]