50 Word Stories: Lily

Not a footprint in the snow, nor any impression of life, the girl, milk-white hair billowing; there was no breeze, smiled the saddest smile I’d ever seen. She whispered, “Are you my brother? Have you come to save me?” “Yes,” I lied, my heart near frozen. “Yes, Lily.”

Glass Hearts / Blue Lipstick

“I have a glass heart,” she said. “It’s fragile.” Of course, I thought she spoke figuratively, who wouldn’t? But it didn’t matter, I was a good man, an honest man. But aren’t we all until proven wrong. — I heard the crack as of dropped crystal before I even stepped on the porch. When I […]

The Key Part Two: White Lies

When a child is young and unaware of the dangers that lurk behind the fabric of things, problems are guaranteed to ensue. Caring parents will warn in no uncertain terms to take care, pay attention, heed their well meant words or suffer the consequences. Some children, who scare with ease, will do as they are […]

The Lie

A serpentine shore, the hissing wind swept across the sands. Lifeless and barren, the beach echoed with the memories of heroes butchered and cowards tears. But what choice did I have, as I pulled my small, wooden boat up onto the inhospitable land. Why would I risk my life, my very soul on such a foolhardy […]