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Life image

Melancholy moments
Butterflies in a breeze
A pond freezing over
Scrapes to children’s knees
A smile from a stranger
New England in the Fall
Standing on a mountain
Ivy on a wall
Nights of endless loving
Days of smiles and winks
Humble at God’s glory
Things that make you think
Memories to cherish
Memories of strife
Every second special
Be happy with this life


First Kiss

In the silence of the moment comes understanding
Dimmed light, short breaths
That sweet second before lips softly touch
That moment before two souls join as one
That first time
The best time
The one that seals the rest of your life



Snowflake was her name. It suited her well. She shared the same fragility, that exclusive delicacy of her namesakes, and the same chill. My glacial queen.

When I first saw her stood as though a porcelain figurine by the ice covered pond, I knew she had to be mine. Her ethereal nature transcended her surroundings. She was more a part of the season than the snow that lay about her. I stood intoxicated in her presence, as the smell of frosted pine swept over me. She looked my way with sapphire eyes and smiled, as a sheen of ice crept across my heart.

I pursued her from that moment on, wooed her, and eventually murdered her. Not in actuality, but spiritually. She was not meant to be caged. The warmth of a fire was not for such as she though she tried to change, for me. At least, that is what I chose to believe.

A spirit of nature, and in need of the cold comfort of winter it was I that found her. She stared up at me from below the glasslike, ice surface of the pond where we first met. She was smiling in a way I had only ever seen once before; the day I first met her. I knelt down on the ice and wept for my winter angel. My tears were of genuine remorse. I was a shattered man. Perhaps, that was what brought her back. Enough at least to break the creaking ice and pull me under to her pale side. I did not resist her. How could I? She was all I ever wanted.

Now, like two icicles, merged and frozen together over time, we shall be together in an arctic embrace. Our ice age shall last for eternity.

If you are to chance upon our place of rest, our submerged peace, and should hear a creaking as of ice over glass, take heed. Do not look down into those crystal waters and those gleaming sapphire eyes. Or you, like I, may become lost in winter forever.



It is though a russet memory to me now
Leaves fell as if rain
A swirling palette of texture and colour
It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen
A butterflying patchwork quilt
Of autumnal brilliance
Leaves of all descriptions alighted upon my arms
It made me laugh
And then departed as quickly as they had landed
To resume their circling
Who would think nature could be so gentle
My body a trunk, my arms branches
As my life-stuff span about me
This most tender of tornadoes
This freak of the Fall
Was a gift from above for me alone
Then just as quickly as it arrived it was gone
One whole minute of perfect creation
And I was the only person to see it
No reminder of such a blessed event
Until I looked down and saw three sycamore leaves
Perfectly aligned in variegated death
I had quickly taken a picture of this most incredible of acts
Then left before anything could spoil it
I do not know if those leaves are there still
I cannot bring myself to return
But that picture lies in my breast pocket and shall forever
A reminder of the gift God gave me
On that cool October morn.


I saw a girl with mannequin eyes

She looked at me strange like it was a surprise

That someone like me would try to be nice

As I’d wished her good morning not once but twice
How often had she been an object to men
To be so distant, unfriendly, not no when
A person can see much more than the gloss
Of the exterior form and candy-floss
I think it’s because she’d wanted to smile
But resisted the urge and looked at me vile
That when I seemed hurt and stared at my feet
She whispered “I’m sorry” and tried to be sweet
What a terrible place this world often is
When a simple good morning ends like this.