A Purgatory For Modern Times

 I stepped in a puddle and sank through to somewhere else. There was no sun, no moon, no darkness or light just an incessant glare like a pearlescent lightbulb on a dimmer switch. Panicking, I felt about with the intention of clutching the first tangible object and not letting go; I found nothing. This […]

50 Word Stories: Redemption

Without a breath of wind, the galleon slid into the heaving fog dispersing not a ripple. Only the ship’s ensign, an empty circle black on white, fluttered in the rancid air. A nationless ship on a nameless sea and only me to sail her. Limbo our voyage, redemption our goal.

50 Word Stories: Iced

The water chilled as it killed. Frozen in place by the quick-freezing lake, each star seemed to hang in a limbo of thickening mists though their twins in the sky kept on shining. And I wondered then, as I hugged myself tight, would it be the same for me?

In Winter Stills

In Winter Stills There is a path off a road off a hillside off a dream, a path where all the silent ones go to sleep. I followed it once without care for myself. This is where it led. The snow fell in relentless cascades obliterating my footprints so I might’ve stepped through a thickening […]

50 Word Stories: Purgatory?

Had the sea swallowed the moon or the sky swallowed the sea? The world was wrong, jumbled, shaken up and poured back out. “Have faith,” said the voice. I looked this way and that but was so unsure. “Purgatory,” it whispered. I didn’t believe it, so continued eating my crisps.

Stuck (Flash-Fiction)

Caught in the middle of a mild nowhere, I strained at the cuffs of my shirt. I’d roll them up over my elbows, then almost as fast roll them back down again. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t hit a happy medium. An old lady watched me with interest from a park bench, […]

50 Word Stories: Liminal

Neither here nor there, not gone nor ghost, I lingered. Drifting over traffic jams, sliding through sidewalk melees, the world and I collided in shades of almost, wafts of could but won’t. The threshold between up and down was locked, and so I remained liminal. I count the hours still.

Lost In Forever

The fog surrounds, consumes me. Everywhere I turn is the same, vaporous and unusual. But in the midst of the roiling grey, I smile. It is an obscure smile struck from a peculiar thought. For although I have no bearing, no compass point with which to secure my sanity, I feel the strange release of […]

Bordering Shadows

 Through shadow and night, As light does battle with shade, I claw at the boundaries of life. It is on these borderlines that such struggles take place. But there is little to distinguish between these two worlds of variant greys. There is no definition where definition is sought. And so the traveller walks the limbo line in his own personal purgatory. Mine […]