Ghosts: The Book List

“It’s behind you!” There’s something about a good ghost story that really gets the old heart beating. I think the fact we secretly want ghosts to exist has a great deal to do with this. Whether or not you concur, one thing we can all agree on is that there is, has, and I’m sure […]

The Steampunk Book List

Steampunk often baffles me, not because I don’t like it, I love it, but because people pooh-pooh it without even trying it. I know folks that say they hate it, yet in the next breath extoll the virtues of Dr. Who or The Time Machine or The League of Extraordinary Gentleman or Jules Verne all […]

The Modern Fiction Book List

The Fiction shelves of a bookshop can carry the widest variety of work from the ancient to the new and everything in between. The benefit of this can be books that are unexpectedly superb because you aren’t entirely sure what to expect. The following are ten books all of which I own that have done […]

Classic Inspiration (Book List)

This is a very personal book list. The problem is that as soon as you say classic everybody will have their own thoughts. There are many things that contribute to such a classification like age, impact and so on. I have tried to keep a degree of elapsed time to my choices, but they are […]

The Crime and Detection Book List

As I’ve said before, I go through periods where I can’t get enough of one genre or another. For a time, crime and detection stories were my genres of choice. My passage through theses genres went something like this: Fantasy-Steampunk-Victorian Literature-Victorian Detection-Detection-Murder-Scandinavian Crime. I know that’s a funny old way of doing things but that’s […]

The Urban Fantasy Book List

I was asked by the lovely Gigi if I would put together a list of recommended Urban Fantasy, so I have. I must confess, I found this list harder than most because the boundaries between Urban Fantasy and its offshoots are often tenuous. Therefore, I may have stretched this in places to accommodate a couple […]

The Lesser-Known Lists (Fantasy/SciFi)

I thought I’d do my bit to help some of the books out there that might have got missed in the scramble for mass sales. I am very lucky to have an extensive book collection, (never too many) and decided to try and help those that haven’t. Choosing a book can be a very personal […]


  I’ve been crying I’ve been sighing Awash and alone  I’m dying Uncontrollable anguish  Stabs at my heart This feeling I know Will tear me apart So I cry to the tempest And cry to the sea  Hope angels hear And return you to me But deep in my core I secretly know You’ve left me forever A lost, crying soul   (Image courtesy Maggot-of-the-form in


Backlit by the blazing sun, Such sensuous curves moulding light To shadow and eclipse the landscape. Yet in blank obliteration The promise held within said night Sets my eyes aflame with hope of more. And through it all you remain statuesque, My perfect woman in silhouette. (Image courtesy VeralenaTW on deviantart)