In Any Other World

In any other world, we would have been lovers

Plucked from the same ripening tree.

If obstructed, we’d have twined our vines about them, 

Throttled those who’d deny us our destiny,

Leapt towards the light unrestrained.

Nothing would have prevented the inevitable,

For life itself would have driven us on;

It had to, you see.

In any other world, any other time,

Any other realm but this, we would,

But it isn’t and we aren’t,

And regrets won’t make it so.


 She cried me a delta
 Where tears met the sea
 A life spilt in saline
 Where I couldn’t flee
 Waters were rising
 Her eyes held so much
 Yet still she reviled
 At my outstretched touch
 Trapped on a sandbank
 Surrounded by She
 A man on an island
 Girl’s waves lapped at me
 I wanted to help her
 But I couldn’t swim
 And I knew in my mind’s eye
 She’d be back with Him

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World of Dolls

 To see others as hollow shells
 Free from personality or thought,
 This is the society so many breed;
 A world full of dolls.
 To not see the tears;
 The smiles;
 The fears;
 The tremulous worry of loneliness,
 Of wanting only to be happy.
 Look past the language;
 The tones;
 The skin;
 And see what lies beneath:
 Another you.

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In Glass

 Shattered hearts
 In glass collide
 Across an ocean
 Far and wide
 Crystal feelings
 Cut and gone
 As love’s a game
 We all play wrong
 Distance captured
 Mirrored hue
 In panes of pain
 I think of you
 Someday, somehow
 I’ll gaze and see
 Not me in glass
 But face of thee

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Unnecessary Guilt

A poem in remembrance of all those people the terrible tropical storm did take, and those it did not.

 The rivers are swollen
 Banks fit to burst
 It’s pouring down still
 How could it be worse
 Then wind starts to whip up
 Things flying around
 If it isn’t tied down
 It lifts from the ground
 They say it’s a cyclone
 Tornado, strong wind
 But all I can think
 Is how have we sinned
 No better with sunrise
 As devastation hits
 All scattered to heaven
 Everything lying in bits
 And all I can think of
 As so few people wake
 Is why God chose to leave me
 When others did take

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