In an extended world  Where circles are warped Navigation ungainly Full of peaks and troughs  How do we know  How do we feel When the journey  We once started Has come full circle

Just A Feeling

Just A Feeling It’s just a feeling, a tingling in the toes. I pull them back and wriggle them around but the tingling remains. Very odd? I decide to go for a walk marching around the neighbourhood like a demented crow all stiff-legged, feet pointing. After a mile, I think my strange sensations gone. They […]

Twice a Lie

A muddled middle, a gut feeling Cause external confusions The mind powering thought The heart driving reaction A palaver of misdirections Inhibits both extremities Neither sure of the other And both unwilling to change There is a me in the mixture A corporeal being  Unsure of sense’s accuracy Debilitated by a palpating core And so […]

50 Word Stories: These Golden Dawns

50 Word Stories: These Golden Dawns Something about a winter sunrise stirred my soul, coated it in liquid gold, a protective cocoon that only angels enjoyed. Everyone got the summer dawns but not the winter. Timing was everything. Solitude essential. One had to just get up and relish them. And I have. And I will […]