Coffee Shop Confrontations

 If it was to pass without incident or event, without anger or altercation, I had to stay calm. There were no awards for foolishness, nor unprovable bravado. In this game of life and death decisions, I had to remain cool, unbothered, frosty. "One lemon muffin please." Her words cut through my misting, morning torpor […]

When Two Are One

When Two Are One Regardless of the provocation, I resisted. Although my fists balled so tight that I thought my fingernails to burst out of the back of my hand in sprays of crimson, I bit back the pain and sought the meditative calm of Zen. But, as always, my temper was not mine to […]

A Dream So Real

Author’s Note: I’ve just spent five hours editing. It may have affected me.  I floated in amniotic fluids, life bursting all around. Creatures of all kinds and all descriptions, some of which beggared belief, swam and dipped before me. Above, a sun ten times that of which I knew blazed down as I fought […]

50 Word Stories: Feverish

 What I loved about the moon was its gentle nature. Unlike the sun, which burned its violent image into my soul, the moon washed over my conscious self like a wet flannel on a fevered forehead. Yes, the moon was good for the ill. The sun just made me worse.

50 Word Stories: Just Hanging

 Motionless, we hung from the balcony rail not daring to move. A dare gone wrong, prank gone bad, the ground looked distant from the wrong side of the rails. What scared me most, though, was Sarah’s eyes. Wide and wild, all they said was jump. My fingers twitched. She smiled.

Incognito Iguanas

Incognito Iguanas “Shush!” “What are you doing?” I hissed. “Observing.” “Who?” “The observed.” That’s how the strangest meeting of my life began. It was only ever going to get worse. He pressed his face up to the glass so hard as to make his whole head seem flat, his green hat and emerald-trimmed glasses falling […]

The Game

My head spins with what it wants. What does it want? Eyes haze over unable to focus on unmatched trainers; laces tied together in a triple knot. A gloom transpires, a dizzying state of what should and what could; I can no longer look down so stare up into the nothingness instead. Crows line the […]

My Own Particular Madness

Spiralling away in a snail shell descent, the retreat is on. A reversal to purgatories lost; misfortune abounds in this hole, this depth of darkness I realise I must travel. Timorous, I dally with a foot on the ledge praying it a dream; it is not a dream; no dream could be so real as […]