The Lepidopterist

 Not meant for constraint Her words struck me Like a murder of butterflies The gentlest kill Brushes to the lips And a dusting to each cheek Beautiful, some called it A delicate touch Then like the chrysalis She’d emerged from She vanished Winter coming early The season of chills Yet, still, I searched And […]

50 Word Stories: Seventeen?

She said she was seventeen. She looked her given age, her clothing fashionable, worn with a hint of disdain, her figure slim and supple. It was her that eyes gave her away. They knew too much. I pitied her then, and she saw it. I regret it to this day.

50 Word Stories: Too Short an Affair

So many summers have come and gone, so many rainbows faded. I remember them with a heart over-pouring with love. Your brown eyes melt in my memory, your luxurious, chestnut hair warm in my fingers, tongue in my ear. I wish we'd had longer, Winnie, the world's best collie.

Citrine Dreams

The day still held a sharp residue of summer, a citric tang. Memories of those early years picking lemons off the trees, how it felt like holding the sun, sneaking bites then wrinkling our faces, a flood of yellows past washed over me like an August storm. They were hot those yesterdays, so very hot. […]