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Tears From A Tree

Leaves stir in their slumber
At the faintest memory of a breeze
It is though a ghost has kissed my cheek
I shiver at its touch
The leaves rustle their agreement
Gnarled bark lies rough below my fingertips
But I can still feel our carvings
Two sets of initials
One demonstration of love
So long ago, too long
A bead of sticky sap traces across my hand
The tree weeps for me
I tap its ancient trunk and turn away
“Until tomorrow, my friend”
We’ll do it all again
As we do everyday
And will until our sap runs dry

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Life image

Melancholy moments
Butterflies in a breeze
A pond freezing over
Scrapes to children’s knees
A smile from a stranger
New England in the Fall
Standing on a mountain
Ivy on a wall
Nights of endless loving
Days of smiles and winks
Humble at God’s glory
Things that make you think
Memories to cherish
Memories of strife
Every second special
Be happy with this life

The Windmill

Standing sentinel over verdant pasture 

A throwback to a bygone age

Creaking sails seized for eons now

No longer bending beneath meadow winds

Framed against an opaque sun and cobbled clouds

You watch with pride over the wildflowers

A silent herdsman to the cattle and sheep

Children run about your girth merrily

Unaware of your past life, or future musings

With only a brace of larch to confide in

Those who have grown under your stewardship 

Whom else will listen to your grandeur

Tales of ages past, memories of fertile lands

I look upon you with a fondness unparalleled 

You watched this man caper as a child 

And will watch over his bones

When he lies under the meadows you protect

My oldest of old friends

The windmill

A Whisper to Grandpa

Some things will always be special

They can never be stolen away

Journeys where their care allowed you to sleep

Times where a smile meant more than gold

To be proud of who you are 

Not because of how you see yourself

But because of how they saw you

Swelling esteem from a nod and a wink

To be offered your favourite biscuit

A cup of tea when you need it most

Knowing they would never say no

Would always be there when others were not

A place of no judgement

Where you were always happy to be seen

A plaster for a scratch

Always an interest in what you’ve done

Who you’ve seen

But all things come to an end

Nothing lasts forever

It is how we look back and return the pride

How we smile at their memory

Wishing they were still with us

It is the dreams they appear in 

The loving voice in a forgotten memory

Thoughts of what was

Hopes of what could be

And wishing you’d had one last chance 

To whisper I’ll miss you