I Lost My Heart to the Ocean

The rock that I clung so desperately to had become both my salvation and bane. Too frightened to leave it and take my chance with the sea, it served as my anchor to life. Three long days and nights I had grasped to that seaweed encrusted, solitary lump of land. The remains of my ship […]

Where Mermaids Wait (Sequel to Adrift)

Deep, deep, down below In a place that’s never seen the snow Where darkness rules a liquid home And pressure crushes at your bones Lies treasures from the wrecks of men But only fish can get to them Where luminescent pierces night My mermaid waits this sailor’s plight Down I drift to meet my doom […]

The Mer-girl

I know you won’t believe me, but I need to tell you what happened to me that day, back when I was twelve, before I leave for good. How I had been thrown clean through the windscreen to land at the edge of a little stream, whilst my Mum and Dad, both safely fastened into […]