50 Word Stories: Beneath


I'd felt it. She'd felt it. Our son remained asleep. Our yacht rocked though the sea didn't, becalmed, it stretched into forever.
I scanned the surface looking to all points of the compass, then even the sky: nothing. When I looked back to Jane, she wept. Her index pointed beneath.

#FarcicalFriday – Big Foot?

#Farcical Friday —Big Foot?

A: “Big Foot.”
B: “Sasquatch.”
A: “Big Foot.”
B: “Sasquatch.”
A: “Big Foot!”
B: “Sasquatch!”
C: “By the looks of them, I’d say, Big Feet. Now, cheese it!”

50 Word Stories: The Monster Under My Bed

The monster who lived under my bed had sharp teeth and slitted, emerald eyes that flashed with anger. If anyone disturbed the monster’s sleep it growled and hissed and shot out razor talons. Sometimes, when all was still, it even leapt on the bed smothering me.******I loved that cat.

Paper Boat

Beneath the surface soft and sleek
Lie predators that to me do seek
They wish to rise up from the deep
And snatch me whether awake or sleep
To drag me down to fathoms depth
Purge me of my living breath
To treasure hordes and wrecks of old
As my life would slow unfold
These leviathans would show me sights
But in the glooming with no lights
In deepest, darkest, dungeon night
These things would bring me no delight
For my eyes would start to dim
And predator would slower swim
With all my vestiges of hate
I’d shout ” I wish you’d taken my mate!”
Then waters thick would enter throat
And I would curse our paper boat

(Image courtesy of mangatopia.net)

Playing It Cool

Picture courtesy of fanpop.com and Google images

A ghost whispers in my ear
It doesn’t bother me
I’m deaf
A vampire bites at my throat
It’s of no consequence
I’m wearing a roll-neck jumper
Frankenstein lurches at me
I’m not flustered
I’ve loosened his bolts
The Wolf-man howls in my face
I’m not disturbed
I throw him a stick
Dracula’s brides try to seduce me
It doesn’t work
I’m watching soccer
Medusa tries to give me the eye
She’s easily dealt with
I’m wearing mirrored lenses
The cat people rush me
I’ve been fishing
And throw them a kipper
Godzilla tries to breathe fire on me
I put a cigar in my mouth
He lights it
Mermaids try to drag me to ocean depths
They can’t manage it
I’m wearing armbands
But when you walk into the room
And look my way
I can’t help but melt