Wales All Over Again

 "I'll never forget stepping onto the summit of Mount Everest, the world at my feet, reaching for God's hand." "It was a small, Welsh hill and even then you got a nose bleed." "That's not how I remember it and I've a photographic memory." "Yeah, it's often negative and like the rest of you, […]


The mountain called to me, and not in a good way. At first, I’d thought it gathering thunder its clouds hidden behind the massif. It wasn’t. A dying bear, falling rocks, world’s biggest belching squirrel, and any number of idiocies flittered through my brain as I approached the summit. The grunting, grating, growling sound overwhelmed […]

This Rock

Above the clouds where seasons change by the minute, you tower. In ochre rock, snow capped peak prevails; I envy you your seclusion. Awash in sunlight, sparkling, just sparkling, without hint of bias from the scaremongers, you astound. And whilst the climbers, the walkers, those just there for a view, do stress, you observe in […]