Liz (Elfje)


Her eyes

Made for movies

They pierced the world



Limitless (The Avatar Discussion)

Somebody who shall remain otherwise nameless was extolling the virtues of the movie Avatar to me yesterday.
 “Wonderful, isn’t it?” they said.
 “The effects are just beyond your imagination, aren’t they?”
 “No, but they are very good.”
 “Such a powerful story. Based on the history of the Native Americans,” they praised.
 “Yes, it is,” I replied.
 “Don’t you think living like that would be amazing? I think if you could combine it with all the amazing imagery in the movie it would be the best, the very best,” they drooled, almost falling off their seat.
 “Why not?” they shrieked, indignant to my answer.
 “Because I’d rather write about it, I replied.
 “Then it would be better still,” I grinned, but I don’t think they understood.

 And the point to this ramble, you shout!
 Never let yourselves be limited by the imaginations of others.