The Shy One

“I just wish she’d have looked my way.” “Why?” asked Tommy. “I can’t say.” “Go on.” “No, I can’t,” I said blushing and embarrassing myself even more. I hadn’t seen her full on, but she was wearing a rather revealing blouse. “I aren’t going to tell anyone, I’m your best pal. So what if you’re […]

The Brave

She edged across the room like a herring through a shoal of tuna a slow, nervous approach. Her eyes widened each time someone looked her way, her breaths laboured and shallow, footsteps pitter-pattering across the tiled dance floor. She never once took her eyes off me and that’s why I waited even though it seemed […]

50 Word Stories: Catlike

Green slits flicked open. She unwound like a cat waiting to purr the fridge door closed, but knowing there cream. I wasn’t good with women, too shy, but suspected her arched back suggested tiredness or desire. So, I did what any feline lover would, poured her a glass of milk.

Weird Love

There’s absolution A solution Wrapped in the feathers Of softest down There’s revolution Such confusion The tiniest glimpse Within your gown And though I’m nervous I’m shuddering, as I shake It’s with new purpose This weird love  How my heart breaks There’s satisfaction In distraction A certain sense  Of moral pride There’s no reaction It’s […]

The Man Who Was Boy

Lost in a whirlwind of breathless release  Unwilling to believe that nerves they had ceased  How simply by mouthing just one tiny word  The little boy inside, at last, he’d felt heard  She’d waved from the bus and said yes to his face  And suddenly he was more sure of his place  The world seeming calm an enveloping zen  The man who […]

In Voice: Shy

  “You can hold my hand if you want.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, of course.” “Thank you.” “You’ve no need to thank me. A big strapping guy like you could just take hold of it, and I wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.” “I’d never do that.” “Why, most men would?” “I’m not most men.” “I know. I wouldn’t be walking […]