Do You?

Do you feel it, do you?
 The sun is rising on a new year.
 I feel its warmth filtering through cotton and armoured hide.
 A billion degrees of heat is upon me and I’m flinging my arms out wide to welcome it.
 I’m soaking up solar beams until they pool as molten blood, reviving me, replenishing what I lost.
 Do you hear it, do you?
 The winds have changed pushing back last year’s tides.
 No more fighting against the tempest, as I’m caught up in intangible arms and carried forward, ever forward.
 Always forward.
 There’s no going back.
 Do you hear it, do you?
 The sound of distant applause rattles around an unsettled future.
 A cacophony of whisperings lost play at battered eardrums.
 The music is an overture to underachievement that’s set to be changed.
 The derisory jeerers are falling away.
 I’m losing them: happiness grows.
 Do you sense it?
 I do.

Hello & Goodbye

As the old year departs and a new begins, we take stock. It is a time for appraisal, review, and decisions as to paths taken and yet to take. A moments pause before the storm of another 365 days in this thing called life, we breathe one last breath of 2014. Goodbye old year, I say. Now exhale and start afresh. Hello 2015.

New Year/New You

 Three has flipped to four,
 New year with promises galore.
 For the first time in my life,
 I feel hope and not strife.
 Freedom came at release of chains,
 Now not to flush it down the drain.
 Invigorated soul anew,
 I hope this year’s the same for you.

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