New York (Sedoka)

  Urban jungle thrives Smelling of hot dogs and beer As conversations collide   Freedom, what freedom Squirming like a canned sardine Packed sidewalks barring my way

My New York Memory

  A breath of wind sweeps the streets. She stands in her red, summer skirt with one sandalled foot resting on the sidewalk, the other against the wall. To her, I’m like the breeze she so elegantly perspires in: a passing event barely noticeable, a slight disturbance. But she is far more to me. She is […]

The Sunken City

Dropping in slow motion through layers of liquid silk, I was drowning in an ocean I’d always hoped would become my home. Now, as I watched the blue fade to black, I realised the ocean meant more to me even in death than the land ever did in life. I didn’t struggle, wouldn’t have changed […]