50 Word Stories: They

50 Word Stories: They They slid over us like the stars the night, white ghosts stalking the cosmos. Albinos, as like us as not, They confronted us in nightmares and found us wanting. Nameless, They took our everything in intangible truths and left us with nothing. They, we called them, those reflections of us. 


“Unimaginable,” they said. “It could never happen.” But it did. The world stopped spinning. Just like that, we woke to fallen trees and beds cast aside, humans flung here there and everywhere, animals, too; clouds hung in limbo like marshmallows waiting to roast, the sun stationary and forlorn. Those who’d survived the emergency stop, like […]

My Demon Bride

Cooling in the corners of another shaded dream  There lurked a girl a-twinkling, her smile a silver gleam  I asked her why she hid all of that happiness away  She answered, she was lonely, no one else with her would play  My heart it went out to her, so I stepped into her shade  As though into a nightmare, my […]

The Dream / The Nightmare

 The same dream still haunts me: a path, rails to constrain, an endless tunnel of somewhere to nowhere. I see it even now, as the darkness fades in gradients of gloom. One day I shall walk that path and enter the light I know to shine beyond its narrow aisle. One day I shall wake […]