50 Word Stories: They

50 Word Stories: They

They slid over us like the stars the night, white ghosts stalking the cosmos. Albinos, as like us as not, They confronted us in nightmares and found us wanting. Nameless, They took our everything in intangible truths and left us with nothing. They, we called them, those reflections of us. 



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“Unimaginable,” they said. “It could never happen.”

But it did. The world stopped spinning. Just like that, we woke to fallen trees and beds cast aside, humans flung here there and everywhere, animals, too; clouds hung in limbo like marshmallows waiting to roast, the sun stationary and forlorn. Those who’d survived the emergency stop, like me, thought it a bad dream, a nightmare one couldn’t wake from. It didn’t stop us trying, though. I watched others screw up their faces, blink eyes, weep, but no one could make it disappear.

“Unimaginable,’ they said.

“No more than we deserved,” said I.

My Demon Bride

Cooling in the corners of another shaded dream
 There lurked a girl a-twinkling, her smile a silver gleam
 I asked her why she hid all of that happiness away
 She answered, she was lonely, no one else with her would play
 My heart it went out to her, so I stepped into her shade
 As though into a nightmare, my bed it then was made
 For on her face that smile, which at first had drawn me in
 Contorted into evil, a wicked thing of sin
 From then my life was over by her side I did abide
 That awful child of bad dreams, yes she, my demon bride

The Dream / The Nightmare

 The same dream still haunts me: a path, rails to constrain, an endless tunnel of somewhere to nowhere. I see it even now, as the darkness fades in gradients of gloom. One day I shall walk that path and enter the light I know to shine beyond its narrow aisle. One day I shall wake to a world beyond the tunnel, beyond the shrouding of sleep. Or one day, I shall never wake at all.

Lost in a Dream

 Chasing a scent,
 A waft, a dream,
 Into the hills
 A silent scream;
 Beyond a copse
 Of broken trees,
 Burnt and broken,
 Down on my knees;
 Over a hill
 And under dale
 Past the lace
 Of Winter’s veil,
 I made my way
 Into the night
 Stepped of a cliff
 And gave great fright.
 It’s just a dream,
 I hear you say,
 But here’s the thing
 I’m here to stay.


 I shivered on that alien shore, that dreamscape. What else could it be? Magenta surf frothed across a crimson sea, that crashed against a beach of sorts: sand, pebbles, me, but all abstract, incorrect.
 But to say crashed implies sound. There was none. It was as though all the makings of a perfect seascape had been created from the thoughts of a mad mute’s dream. The building blocks of existence had been taken then dashed against an unwilling God.
 I looked right, then left, but the shoreline stretched boundary-less into an infinite horizon. There was no sign of life, human, or animal. I was all alone.
 I craned my neck to a sky overflowing with kaleidoscopic stars. The night was brimmed full of celestia, but not as I knew it? Everything was contorted, wrong, unfixable.
 You have to have hope to be found hopeless; faith to be faithless, for some reason I knew I had neither, so had lost nothing. I was hollow with no chance of ever being filled, as I stood amongst that alien scene.
 The ocean drew my gaze. The waves, full of colour as they were, without reason, nor natural law, enticed me. I felt a pull, a sense of being drawn into their blood-soaked depths. That’s when I saw her.
 I thought it seaweed, vermillion of tone, but it was hair splayed across the sea. The hair drew up and around the rising face of something that could have been human, or just as easily inhuman. Higher and higher it rose defying gravity. Blooded water dripped from the frame of the most perfect woman, or most perfect nightmare. Eyes of ruby hue flicked open. They observed me, as she studied me. Her head contorted to the left at an obscene angle, then flicked across her neck to do the same from her right. She considered my pedigree and found me wanting. Skimming the waves she drifted ever closer until almost upon me, then stopped.
 She smiled, I shivered.
 I would never wake.

Once Upon A Never

 Once upon a never
 In a dream within a dream,
 Lay a silver frosted Princess
 Asleep, yet still she’d scream.
 Nightmares were her kingdom,
 Banshees were her foe,
 Waiting for a Prince
 To kiss her, let her go.
 So, when one valiant soldier
 Made his way to Princess’ side,
 The kiss he gave wouldn’t wake her,
 The evil still did abide.
 The screaming echoed round him;
 The tears he shed were true;
 So killed her with his dagger,
 Then took his own life too.
 A Fairytale! Well, maybe?
 But in their deaths they met,
 And married within a new realm
 Of love, without regret.

 (Image courtesy of MimzyandTweaks on deviantart.com)