My Eyes

 My eyes are my giveaway. They abandon me when I need them most, look away when I wish to gaze, hide behind black plastic and still fail to respond. My eyes are my bane, my downfall, my shame. They weep when I would wish them not, flicker when I would wish to stare at […]

Of Rats and Monkeys

 I've just spent most of a nice long walk to the coffee shop this beautiful Sunday morning explaining my theory of why I believe my wife a monkey. As you can imagine, she was enthralled. From the Darwinian explanation of the opposable thumb, hers always getting caught in my trouser pocket when we hold […]

Something to Ponder

Author's Note: Something a little different today that got me thinking. Whilst hitching a ride to the coffee shop with my wife, we turned into the shopping park where it's located and saw something highly unusual. I always keep an eye out for wildlife, I love nature, and spotted a bird I'd never before seen […]

Honest! I’m not Lion.

“You look shattered.” “I am.” “Bad night?” “Aren’t they all? Life doesn’t get any easier when you close your eyes.” “Work?” “Work.” “Bothering you?” “Just a bit.” “What is it you do?” “I’m a lion tamer.” “Lion tamer my ****!” “No, really.” “Wow!” “There’s not much call for us these days. There’s no more circuses, […]

Man 1 – Cows 0

 I took this picture this morning whilst avoiding the many cowpats that proliferated across the meadow. The cows had been extra sneaky by utilising the cover provided by extra long grass, (we’d had a lot of rain) and lack of marked pathways. They knew I’d be coming along to gaze at the Sunday sky […]

Of Sharks and Dreams

 Sooner or later we all wish for something unattainable. Perhaps it is a form of self-punishment, an endless agony to prove we still feel? Nevertheless, as we cling to the fairytale with the tenacity of sharks a seal carcass, our eyes wide, teeth bared, we still hope for more. The shark by its nature […]

Influences 4 – Nature

I have always been interested in nature. One of my very first memories was of receiving a book called A Naturalist’s Guide to Great Britain. I still have this book even though it was given on my seventh birthday. I used to peruse the pictures and then try to identify the same things when outdoors. […]

Do Not Disturb

 Sleep that oldest of adversaries has climbed in to disrupt my day. A ridiculously large coffee revives me in a way the fresh air has not, but not fully. I’m somewhere in between alive and not. There’s music playing in the coffee shop; I think it’s on repeat. I’m so tired I even contemplate […]

Cocoa Lagoons

My Mornings  I’m reclining in a cocoa lagoon where the natives all wear the same clothing and the colours never change. I like it here in this snippet of another world, my personal escape. I breathe. I write. The sound of grinding coffee is not a vexation but a soothing balm. Here, people talk […]