Rolling With The Waves

Is it better to tumble in the surf of life Gasping and grasping for an uncertain shore, Striving to touch the sand and taste the sea, Rolling with the waves beneath moon and stars, Than stagnate upon a deadman’s tide Bemoaning the lack of a sail? I think so.


 It was less than a whisper More than a ghost Close to the West wind Mist on the coast A voice that asked me The question I feared ‘Do you still love me?’ The vapour it neared I wanted to run Silently scream But came realisation  That it wasn’t a dream So I sucked in a breath But by then girl had gone And all I was left […]

Wasted Words

 Dare I say what’s in my head,  Such perfect words, such lovely meaning?  Or, will letters jumble, trip, fool me,  Wait for that moment when best to make me look stupid?  A smile won’t do, as too many false ones abound.  A look won’t do, they proliferate about you from better eyes.  If only I’d been made with head and heart […]


Don’t tell me of tomorrow When I’m living for today Don’t ask me to remember What the world would have me say Don’t speak of disappointment When you’ve never left your shed For I shall keep on dreaming As tomorrow’s in my head