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The Votes Are In.


The Results of the ReadFreely 50 Best Indie Books of 2016 have been coming in this week. I’m pleased to announce The Eternals wasn’t just high in its category it was 15th overall.


I can’t thank you all enough who took time out to vote for me, offered encouragement, and even contacted me personally. There were some wonderful books in this countdown, so to place where I did was amazing! Here’s to even better things in future and the hope that book two, Hunter Hunted, places better still.

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Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series

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Still Time To Vote!

There’s still time to vote for The Eternals, which has been nominated and made the final cut for ReadFreely 50 Best Indie Books Of 2016: Paranormal category.

I think I may have missed mentioning last time (useless as I am) that there is a fifty dollar Amazon gift voucher to three lucky voters, too. One of the vouchers has just been given out so still two to go.

Good Luck and thank you.

Please vote here: The Eternals

For all those who love a bit of Dark Fantasy

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Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series.

Last Few Hours!

The Eternals £0.99/$0.99 kindle promotion finishes today. 

Don’t leave it too late because book 2 Hunter Hunted is out now.

The Eternals 

Thank you for reading, and for all the support from those of you who’ve already started the series. Hearing of your enjoyment has been music to my ears.


Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series

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Just two more days of The Eternals £0.99/$0.99 kindle offer.

The Eternals, neither human nor vampire, are the last inhabitants of a dying Earth. In the face of a slowly perishing sun, some have accepted their fate while others are ready to fight for their future. It is to this ultimatum that Jean, the last Eternal lord, is born.

Jean’s life changes drastically after his bite takes the life of Princess Chantelle of The New Europa Alliance. Suddenly, he’s a man on the run, falling in love and rediscovering his humanity.

With the sun’s clock ticking, Jean stumbles from manipulated mishap into age-old conspiracies and beyond, as he tries to reconcile his sordid past.

Link: The Eternals

New Release / Now Also Available 

Hunter Hunted (Book 2 In The Eternals Series)

“Life is a collection of colours when all you’ve known is night.”

Sir Walter Merryweather

Link: Hunter Hunted

Black Friday – Dark Reading #Kindle #KindleBargain

My publisher, Creativia, have a Limited Offer on The Eternals Book 1. 

For all those who would like to read it from Nov 25th – Dec 1st the book is on a kindle £0.99/$0.99 deal. 

This ties in excellently with the release of book two, Hunter Hunted.

And as seen as I’m on my own blog and don’t have to hold my tongue, I’ll let you all in on a secret: Book 3, Into Eternity, is finished. 

To purchase just click here: The Eternals 

As always

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.


Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series.

The Eternals

Hunter Hunted

Award Nomination

Award Nomination

Your Country Needs you! (Actually, I need you.)

The Eternals (complete with its beautiful new cover) has made the shortlist for The 5o Best Indie books of 2016: Paranormal category.

Just to have been nominated was wonderful, but I’ve now made the last twenty. Voting is open until December 16th. If anyone out there can help by voting for me, I would be forever grateful. The top three will be announced in the last week of the year.

The Eternals series of books has been such a major part of my life these last few years. Knowing that others have and still are enjoying my hard work is a great feeling to someone who hasn’t had many such feelings for a long time. You’ve all made this happen, not me. Thank you.

Please vote for The Eternals here: VOTE

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Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series
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The Eternals
Hunter Hunted

Ghosts: The Book List

“It’s behind you!”

There’s something about a good ghost story that really gets the old heart beating. I think the fact we secretly want ghosts to exist has a great deal to do with this. Whether or not you concur, one thing we can all agree on is that there is, has, and I’m sure will continue to be some great ghost stories out there.

As usual with my lists these are all books that I own, so I apologise if some of your favourites aren’t included. My choices encompass everything from the classics to the more modern interpretation of the theme. I hope you enjoy.


The Woman In White


If you’re going to do a job, you might as well do it right. This story is synonymous with the genre, the age of the tale doing nothing to diminish its fear factor. (Enhancing it if anything.)

The Hungry Ghosts


Both brutal and haunting, this book will leave a lasting impression.

The Small Hand


I love Susan Hill’s books. She is one of only a few authors renowned for different genres. If you read this short story, you will soon see why.

The Lovely Bones


If a chilling death can be written up in a beautiful fashion, then this does.

Ghosts By Gaslight


I almost put this in yesterday’s list as it is a Steampunk compilation. However, the essence of the stories are ghosts, and they are good stories at that.

The Canterville Ghost


Another classic that interweaves a ghost story with romance. Wilde is always superb and this is no less than any of his other works.



I loved this book as it’s a true chiller. One of those you just suddenly get and think, ‘Geez!’ Plus, I like Japanese stuff.

The Woman In Black


One of few the books I’ve read that inspired me to immediately start writing something because of it. One day, I’ll finish the many thousands of pages I have already written of ‘A Shadow Over Darkmoor’ and I shall thank Susan Hill when I do. (My favourite on this list.)

The Turn Of The Screw


If there’s a ghost list, then this has to be on it. Another story that only grows creepier as it ages. I reckon this story is so scary that although there are several movie versions, they will never capture the chilling essence of it. And it’s short, too. No excuses not to read it.



Poe, the master of the macabre, puts his own flourish on the ghost genre with this tale of a  dead wife. This story used to be very well read but seems to be less so these days. Don’t be put off by the old style narrative, it’s very good.

I hope you all enjoyed this dissection of the spooky side of life, or is it death? If you even read one of these and enjoy it, then my compilation has been well worth my time.

Thanks for reading


Richard M. Ankers, author of The Eternals Trilogy

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