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A Simple Hello

I’m stumbling, bumbling

Tripping on words

A horse with a bridle 

A man full of nerves

I’m trying to tell you

What my tongue won’t allow

I’m struggling to smile

What a fool, holy cow

If only I could say 

What I’m wanting to speak

Instead of confusion

A bird with no beak

But if I stop and compose 

Look way down below 

Then at last I may say

A simple hello


We’ll Always Have That Summer

Here is the second of the two poetic duets done with the super fabulous Helen Midgley at http://helenmidgley.wordpress.com/. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it with her.

Helens poem

The summer had passed
And with it the verdant hues of new life
The bronze tones of autumn fell gently about me
And the blank purity of snow lay on the horizon

I watched you leave
And walk away unsheathed from shackled ties
The scent of you a blanket shield against the winter glare
And I’m saved from what my heartache brings for just a second more

So much promise had there been for you and I
In cherry blossom kisses and the sap of an English summer
And as you rescinded slowly beyond the falling sycamore leaves
I felt my heart should fall too and turned away from so short a love

Yet I cannot fear what might have been, before the summer fell
Your touch was kindling to the pyre I’d built around my heart
And every taste of silken lips helped fan those burning flames
I had felt the joy of love released and for that I cannot mourn.

Did all love burn so strong and true, I wondered,
Or was ours a passion born for and of the summer heat?
Perhaps the time for a maiden of ice was upon me
To cool and soothe the sparks that still inflamed my soul?

The Forgotten Ones

We were the forgotten
Cast aside on the wind
Banished to the wastelands
Memories that were binned
People of the nothing
Followers of the wrong
A nation of romantics
Who were gone for far too long
Our faith was our undoing
But it also gave us strength
For the hardships of the long years
Of time that knew no length
They thought us all diminished
Whispers in the dark
But eons past like seconds
Our faith it kept the spark
And when we found our way home
Returned to be redeemed
The fire from our scriptures
Gave fuel to futures dreamed
So never let the masses
Decide the fate of few
Remember all your learnings
And start the world anew

(Image courtesy Hera-of-Stockholm on deviantart)

Beauty Watches Over Me

In a sea of celestial beauty
You shine unchallenged.
A gem of unparalleled kindness,
The star to my earth,
My tether to the heavens.
Without you I am lost;
With you I am humble.
To say thank you is to kiss the wind,
So I shall simply smile and bow.
Beauty reigns above,
And I know I am never alone.
I miss you.


Cool is your breath upon my neck
The chills run to my heart.
Cold is the look from arctic eyes
The guilt tears me apart.
Crisp are the sheets that creep o’er me
The brittle touch of frost.
Chilled is the touch of skin on skin
The passion long since lost.
Close my eyes for eternal sleep
The freezing dark of space.
Crave the release from forgotten love
The icicles in our place.

(Image courtesy Google images and trengovestudios.com)

A Queen’s Passing

(Image from perfectlocks.com & Google images)

When she smiled
The country smiled
When she blushed
A nation grew embarrassed
When she cried
Her people wept rivers
When she asked
We obeyed
She was our Queen
Our heart, our pride
The people shall never forget her
I shall always love her
My Queen; my love; my wife