In Neon

In neon highlights

A singular beauty found

More than just a glass

50 Word Stories: Perspectives

“The view’s spectacular.”
“You’ve got your eyes shut.”
“Doesn’t mean I can’t see.”
“You keep telling yourself that.”
“Well, what can you see?”
“Some kids fiddling about near our car, the supermarket, and Mrs. Brown’s stupid, fat cat. I think it’s killed a sparrow.”
“I can see everything.”
“You win.”

50 Word Stories: Imagine

“Ballerinas dancing on the waves.”
“It’s froth.”
“To you, not to me.”
“It’s too wet, too big and I hate it.”
“If a mermaid rode the waves, what then?”
“That might change things.”
“In that case, dear, watch the ballerinas dance because that’s where they come from.”
“Our imaginations.”