50 Word Stories: Perspectives

“The view’s spectacular.” “You’ve got your eyes shut.” “Doesn’t mean I can’t see.” “You keep telling yourself that.” “Well, what can you see?” “Some kids fiddling about near our car, the supermarket, and Mrs. Brown’s stupid, fat cat. I think it’s killed a sparrow.” “I can see everything.” “You win.”

50 Word Stories: Imagine

“Ballerinas dancing on the waves.” “It’s froth.” “To you, not to me.” “It’s too wet, too big and I hate it.” “If a mermaid rode the waves, what then?” “That might change things.” “In that case, dear, watch the ballerinas dance because that’s where they come from.” “Where?” “Our imaginations.”

Questionable Vision

 Beads of water upon a single blade of grass  Diamonds upon an emerald rapier  It is all a question of perspective  A question of unlimited imagination   Over the accumulation of gain  Only you will know which it takes  To make your heart feel content