Wasted (Micro-Fiction)

 We lived beneath the piled trash skyscrapers. Antlike, generations of our families had carved their own spaces into the towering structures, into every nook and cranny, every subterranean hole; we dared not build above the waste. Eking out a living, we lived like the rats we’d replaced scurrying around without real purpose just trying […]

50 Word Stories: This Contagion

The germs, they slip across my oozing skin, greasy hair, delve under my fingernails. A beast, that's me, an abomination made real by the air that infiltrates my permeable skin; it's taking over. There's nothing I can do to stop it. This contagion has taken me. I call it life.

50 Word Stories: This Trash Can Life

 Deep down beneath the chewed pizza boxes, under the banana skins and last night's takeaways, there is a survivor. Hiding because they have to, they exist, nothing more, nothing less. If you asked them how they managed, they'd shrug. Persist, and they'd blame this trash can life. They're only children!

In Disbelief 

In Disbelief Acerbic tongues sting this flesh  like a million tiny bee stings; the barbs embedded in my skin. I shake and quake with hidden fury, so very English, so polite, and rankle, and rile, and bite at the unforgiving pain of it all. Disbelief, I tell myself. It’s utter disbelief. But the cold hard […]


This The world shimmers, glistens in dazzling monochrome; the way to peace is paved in grey. A woodpecker breaks the still, tip-tap, tip-tap, tip-tap, or a keyboard, or my heart. Where others point and look, I slink into the shadow of a shadow, hide behind a dream and weep. This is it. This is it. […]

Lifeless (Micro-Fiction)

It was never the way of the forest, never the way of the trees, but life moves on and so did they. They vanished overnight in cascades of spilled foliage leaving nothing but carpeted colour in their wake. For a week, our world glowed, then the winds came. In gusts of kaleidoscopic brilliance life blew […]

The Archipelago

What happened? I’ll tell you what: everything. There’s nowhere to start because it started all at once. Everything they predicted, the scientists, meteorologists, and the man with the placard on the corner of our street, came to pass. Let’s just say there was a lot of water. But being paranoid had its benefits, and where […]