Six Word Stories: War

Daily: children playing football with bricks.


Playing in the Grey

 There is a place within the grey,
 Where light’s been banished, locked away.
 I’ve tried the door, and peeped inside,
 But curtains drawn it does abide-
 In solemn silence, mournful thoughts,
 So project light, I do abort.
 Yet everyday I visit still
 Completely of my own free will,
 And hope and pray that just one day,
 I’ll be let in and free to play.

The Star Child

Once upon a never
Sits a child upon a star
Her hair is red as cinders
Face pale alabaster
She smiles through the evening
Laughs through the night
Her mother is the heavens
Her father is the light
The universe her playground
She stares with interest
At our blue earth below her
The one she likes the best
So when her parents argue
And darkness swallows day
Be watchful in your backyards
As she may nip down to play
Be careful not to touch her
As her tears fill the dark
Her song will sound of heaven
To you it is the lark
I hope she stays above us
Soaking up our pain
As when she lets it all out
It falls on us as rain
That pretty little star child
The one so hard to see
I hope to play beside her
On a star she’s saved for me

(Image courtesy Emerald-Depths on Deviantart)