A Private Nightmare

The roaring of the ocean fills my world with sound.
It is a tempest of sonics.
I stand close to the sea,
Cold Granite, solid beneath my feet.
Cliffs of obsidian grace tower before me, and I smile.
If hell could freeze then this would be it.
I touch the polished surface of the stone,
It feels electric, alive.
It pulses to my very heartbeat.
I have become a part of the whole.
I feel the soul of this dark ocean world,
It twists and contorts,
It would tear itself apart if it could.
Fear? Never! I should be scared, but I aren’t.
I know it a dream,
A dream I’ve never wanted so much.
Lightening cracks overhead, a split in the atmosphere.
I turn back to the dark liquidity,
The surf holds a secret and I want it.
Sea spray peppers my face. I lick my lips,
Taste the dream and in it my life.
Like water on the wind I thrash against the rock,
A demon bound; a man; a son; a soul.
I’m not going back.
This is my own nightmare.
And I’m living it.




To see the sun setting in a western sky

Bronze and gold forming an ore of resplendent blush

And marvelling at the majesty of nature

Is not to wish the day farewell and the darkness hello

But to wish the oncoming dawn a cheery welcome

And be pleased that God has chosen you

To witness at least one more miracle


I followed the stream until once strong waters

Became languid like a slowing heartbeat

Until with a creak of ice it was gone

Undeterred, I followed that frosted vein for two weeks more

Long past the point of visual certainty

Where no sentient being had trodden before

I followed a pulse, a dream, a destiny

Ocular fluid began to freeze

My eyes seeing in multifaceted splendour

I did not care for I had purpose

As beyond the next berg could lie redemption

And it did

There rising high out of the snowdrifts

An Atlantis of stark, polar beauty

To look upon its gleaming perfection

Its many towers glasslike, delicate, extraordinary

Melted both the coating on my eyes

And the film of self doubt across my heart

It was far more than a fairytale, a fable

Far more than dream or myth

It was Crystallica



Artwork courtesy of © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved. Words Richard Ankers

As the moonlight plays across her face,
Time pauses for me.
So pale; so delicate; so true.
I would have it no other way,
For in a dream there is no other way.
Is this a dream?
If so, such purity was not meant for me.
To see an angel fallen, dropped to the ground,
A profile of grace backlit by starlight.
I am undeserving, but forever grateful.
I hear the wings on her back unfurl, stretch, shake.
My breath catches at my lips
For I know her to leave.
But I cannot look from her divine beauty.
It would kill me to do so.
Instead, she turns her eyes upon me: I melt.
And she smiles.
I will never have a moment like this again.
A perfect dream.
A nod to me, and she lifts into the night.
My heart goes with her.
I watch until she is gone, risen into heaven.

How can I explain my emotions?
What word can tell how I feel?
Simply: fallen.

Down Below

I chanced upon a moonlit tree,

With silvered branches, leafless, free.

Mighty did its trunk arise

Up into heavens celestial skies.

And gaze was drawn up to its crown,

Where something shone, looking down.

And haloed by the Luna light

A royal bower, diamond bright.

Upon it sat a gleaming bird,

To who’s regal glare I deferred.

For not a Roc or Phoenix shone,

But a little Robin afraid of none.

His breast afire e’en in the night,

Twas he chose me to put things right.

So with a nod towards my King.

I now tell this to everything.

Ne’er judge a person by his size.

Instead, trust only in avian eyes.

For truth and honesty is all they know

And I don’t mind being down below.