A Private Nightmare

The roaring of the ocean fills my world with sound. It is a tempest of sonics. I stand close to the sea, Cold Granite, solid beneath my feet. Cliffs of obsidian grace tower before me, and I smile. If hell could freeze then this would be it. I touch the polished surface of the stone, […]


To see the sun setting in a western sky Bronze and gold forming an ore of resplendent blush And marvelling at the majesty of nature Is not to wish the day farewell and the darkness hello But to wish the oncoming dawn a cheery welcome And be pleased that God has chosen you To witness […]


I followed the stream until once strong waters Became languid like a slowing heartbeat Until with a creak of ice it was gone Undeterred, I followed that frosted vein for two weeks more Long past the point of visual certainty Where no sentient being had trodden before I followed a pulse, a dream, a destiny […]


Artwork courtesy of © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved. Words Richard Ankers As the moonlight plays across her face, Time pauses for me. So pale; so delicate; so true. I would have it no other way, For in a dream there is no other way. Is this a dream? If so, such purity was […]

Down Below

I chanced upon a moonlit tree, With silvered branches, leafless, free. Mighty did its trunk arise Up into heavens celestial skies. And gaze was drawn up to its crown, Where something shone, looking down. And haloed by the Luna light A royal bower, diamond bright. Upon it sat a gleaming bird, To who’s regal glare […]