The Hunt

Tiger's eye watching
Striped these predatory nights
Big cat out hunting

Vampire Moon

 I’m lost in a cold landscape
 Beneath a smouldering moon.
 Resplendent in topaz
 It lights my way,
 But why,
 I know not?
 I flail at the evening energised yet not;
 Sated but ever rampant.
 My thoughts lie in darkness,
 Memory in shade.
 You see,
 There is an aching from deep within my hollow shell,
 A waxing of heart,
 Waning of soul,
 As I cry golden tears for that which I lack.
 Predatory eyes look down to hands stained amber and black.
 The false light deceives.
 I am covered in a substance I know should be crimson,
 And I realise it is the sun that I yearn for,
 And for all that it stands.
 The moon tries to imitate,
 Transpose itself on the night,
 As I would wish it the day,
 But it cannot.
 It never shall.
 And I know with bittersweet regret,
 I was, am, and forever shall be

 (Image courtesy MichelleMarie)

1001 A WordPress Odyssey

Well, according to WordPress this is post number 1001. This could be fate, as not only am I amazed by that fact, but I saw something in my garden today that I have been waiting nearly twenty years to get a picture of. There is a family of Sparrowhawks somewhere nearby who whizz past frequently. But today one stopped to eat for nearly half an hour on my fence. I felt sorry for the little bird in its grip, but I may never get to see such a sight up close ever again.

Sparrowhawk Adjusted


Sparrowhawk, Sparrowhawk,
Talons hooked in my fence,
What is that you grip so tightly?
Who have you pinioned to wooden panels?
Do I see feathers at your beak;
Blood dripping from your deadly feet?
Predatory you observe me,
As I, in turn, observe you.
Did you make your kill swiftly, cleanly?
I hope so,
For my lawn is no place for carnage.
Yet regal beauty you display in aquiline features,
And I realise with regret,
I may never see you again.

PS Thank you everybody for reading my work. You make my day, every day.